Phase 2 Now Completed

There are few places like Andalucia, located in the southern part of the Iberian peninsula, that can boast such natural and historical beauty. With over 160km of coastline, an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, average temperature 19ºC and the highest concentration of Europe's golf courses, the Costa del Sol turns into the most pleasant of the European destinations. Wonderful and spectacular protected landscapes, whitewashed villages and a horizon with North Africa in the distance gives unique character to the immediate environment of Residencial Mediterraneo.

There will be 35 apartments built as part of the 1st phase, all will have a terrace with glass ledges & sea views facing either south-east or south-west.

All apartments will have hot & cold climate control by means of air/water heat pump with fancoil and underfloor water heating in the entire apartment.

All kitchens will be fully furnished & equiped.

There will be only 3 penthouses as part of the 1st phase and all 3 will have direct access to the elevator from inside their apartment. The terrace sizes for the penthouse apartments will be 235,15m2, 162,65m2 & 274,90m2.
The other apartments will have a terrace of around 16m2 on average and ground floor apartments will have a open-air courtyard or garden from around 31m2 - 129m2.

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